Product Review - Amazon Kindle Strengths and Weaknesses

Published: 24th November 2011
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The high profile ebook reading device from Amazon known as the Kindle has caught the attention of readers. But then the gadget's value, starting from $350 to $400, offers people pause. This product review can introduce you to the options of the Kindle and my opinions about its strengths and weaknesses.
What the Kindle will do

The Kindle is an ebook reading device about the size of a paperback book. With a screen using e-ink display technology, it allows you to comfortably browse digital text in each daylight and artificial light. The screen refresh rate when you advance an ebook page is faster than turning a paper page. Relying on whether or not you use the Kindle's internal memory or add memory cards, you'll be able to store dozens to many ebooks and audio books.

If you prefer audio books, then the Kindle is a nice device as a result of it's an internal speaker for direct being attentive to audio books. Or, it will be plugged into headphones or external speakers, like in your car. As a result of the mp3 files for audio books are larger than ebooks, you'll want memory cards if you plan to load the device with more than a couple audio titles.

In addition to ebooks and audio books, the Kindle will access varied newspaper and magazine publications and blogs.

A leading capability of the Kindle is wireless shopping. Right now, it's immediate wireless access to the Amazon store in the United States. Purchases will be created and content loaded onto the Kindle while not using a computer.

The strengths of the Kindle

Overall, the physical characteristics of the Kindle are ergonomically comfortable. The page turning buttons operate smoothly and will be easily used by all sizes of hands. The facility usage of the device is conservative, and depending on your reading habits, you'll be able to easily expect to travel one or 2 weeks while not desperate to charge it.

The massive content selection through Amazon for its device is also a strength. With thousands of ebooks, audio books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs wirelessly available to users, you may not lack for easily accessible media.

Additionally note that the wireless service has no ongoing mobile phone charges. Your prices of operating the Kindle can be determined by how a lot of content you buy for it.

The weaknesses of the Kindle

Being a initial generation device, the Kindle isn't perfect. Personally the user interface was hard to perceive and therefore the menus were cumbersome to use. For instance, when browsing through the table of contents of an ebook, I found it somewhat onerous to line up the menu cursor with the headings.

I've got noted that the mechanical components are comfortable to use, however I did not continuously believe their placement. The proper aspect only contains a control to advance the page while the left aspect has controls to advance the page or return to the previous page. So, to turn a page back you are forced to use your left hand. I think that page forward and back controls ought to be on both sides of the device. Adding to my confusion was a control labeled "Back" on the right aspect, which I'd hit in error trying to go back a page. This control really took me back to a different menu.

Another general complaint made by several users about the Kindle is the proprietary format of the ebooks from Amazon. The device is meant to steer you to make purchases from only Amazon. This can be understandable from the corporate's point of read, but it does mean that ebooks bought through Amazon will only be viewed on their device. If you opt in the future to buy an ebook reading device from another company, then you'd not have access on that new non-Kindle device to any ebooks you bought from Amazon.

Although designed to be an Amazon device, the Kindle will truly be used to browse ebooks from different sources. A USB cable will connect the device to your laptop where you'll load ebooks in the widely available Mobipocket format (unencrypted files only) or plain text files.


The Kindle presents you with a high quality device for reading ebooks along with different media. Although not excellent, especially with a user interface that usually left me befuddled, it still performs its purpose well. A final thought is the seller of the device. Amazon could be a large company with a large content selection, and, terribly importantly, an glorious name for customer service.

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